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Book Evaluation Criteria

Books carried at the Museum Store have been evaluated using the following criteria:

1.   Historical Accuracy

Fictional publications must significantly contribute to the understanding and knowledge of life on the Northern Plains and must not distort facts.

2.   Quality

The books shall be published of high-quality materials and images with accurately and properly cited sources and images.

3.  Provenance to North Dakota

Do the story or characters/subjects pertain to North Dakota?

4.  Public Appeal

The book subject should appeal to a broad audience. SHSND stores will not carry county histories, city histories, genealogical histories appealing to a limit audience, or religious items.

5.  Price Point

The SHSND sales margin must be profitable. An author typically receives 40% of the sales price per book.

6.  Self-Published

Self-published books often do not receive the thorough editing necessary to meet the quality requirement. Self-published books will be reviewed if they meet all criteria.

7.  Inclusiveness

Books containing elements that are derogatory or discriminatory to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, or disability will not be accepted.

8.   Duplication

Is the book similar to a book we already carry? How well has it sold or been of interest to customers?

9.  Minimum Purchase Amounts

How many books must we purchase at one time? Storage is limited at our sites.

10.  Space

With limited display space at SHSND stores, consider the implications of removing other publications to create room for new publications. If the book is widely available at large retail outlets,

the decision may be made to not carry the book.